April 2017

Work is well on the way to raise the money we need for our redevelopment.  Our Events Committee are organising at least one event each month.  In parallel to this we have a group who are investigating grant giving organisations and sending off applications.

We're on the move

From the 6th November we will be at our new Church on the corner of Queensway and Linnetts Lane

We only have the temporary building for 3 years at the most so the push for redeveloping the main building is now more urgent then ever.

October 2016

4th October

The temporary building is almost complete.  The ramp and steps into the building are almost complete and, hopefully, this week the snagging list will be dealt with.  Once this is done, all we need is for the Building Inspectors to sign off the work.

We have now agreed what and how we are going to purchase kitchen equipment; so we shouldn't be too far away from that being installed.  It's not going to hold us up moving in.

September 2016

1st September

We are still waiting for the final parts of the temporary building to be completed; which (as with so much of this project) is taking much longer than anticipated.  Despite our best efforts, a lot is out of our control.  We currently do not have a a move in date but we hope that it is not too far away now.

August 2016

22nd August

A lot of things are out of our control at the moment as we wait for others to complete work on the temporary building.

The electric meter has been installed; we are now waiting for the connection to the meter.

We are still waiting for water to be connected.  We have been told this will be done by 7th September at the latest.

The ramps and stairs to the entrance still need installing and there is the inevitable snagging list to be dealt with.

We are yet to decide on kitchen facilities, this will be discussed at a church council meeting tomorrow.  However, we are prepared to install the minimum requirements to get us up and running if the installation of a full kitchen is going to cause significant delays.

The whole temporary building will need a thorough clean before we can move in.

On a positive note, the fire alarm system is now installed and the Church is starting to get a real buss as we get ever nearer to moving in.

Planning and discussions for the refurbishment of the old building are still progressing.  We are hoping to soon have a meeting with Northamptonshire Methodist District Planning Committee to discuss our initial plans.  As our architect has worked with the Methodist Church in the past, we have high hopes there won't be any significant issues with our plans and ideas.

July 2016

27th July

The temporary building is now in place.  We now need to kit it all out and prepare it ready for use.

17th July

The oil tank and asbestos has now been removed.

The foundation pads for the temporary building are now in place and electricity is now connected to the site.

The temporary building will be delivered to site week commencing 25th July!

June 2016

13th June

Plans to remove the oil from the old tank and then to remove the asbestos are now progressing.

The new guttering is up and now needs to be connected to the drainage.

A decision on which contractor will carry out the ground works (including drainage to the main church building) in preparation for the temporary building will be made soon.

May 2016

1st May

The company who were due to remove the asbestos have pulled out at the last minute due to health and safety concerns; there is some very old oil remaining in the oil tank.  The main contractor is trying to resolve this.

Design and implementation of the temporary building is progressing well.  If all goes well, delivery to site could be late June/early July.  Moving in will depend on how long it takes to get services installed.

The latest dry rot report states that it has not got into the roof.  The main contractor will hopefully be progressing the final removal of ivy and installation of guttering soon.  This cannot be full completed until the demolition has been completed; which cannot be completed until the asbestos has been removed.

Plans for redevelopment of the church building are progressing well and should be in a sate to bring to church council soon.

March 2016

31st March

The Church Council has agreed to move forward with plans to purchase a temporary building; which we can use for our worship, outreach and mission work while we progress the refurbishment of the Higham chapel.  The temporary building will be placed on site at Higham; in part of the gap created by the demolition work.

The temporary building will have: access and facilities suitable for all needs; a main worship/multi-function area; an office; a meeting room; a catering standard kitchen; and storage space.

We have had confirmation that we will not have to pay VAT on the purchase of the temporary building.

Currently we are hoping to be up and running by the end of April / beginning of May.

Proposed temporary building layout as provided by CabinsGB

13th March

The majority of the demolition is now complete.  We are now waiting for specialist contractors to remove some asbestos (due mid April) before the remaining demolition can be completed.  Now that we know how much and what we need, new guttering has been ordered and should be fitted soon.

2nd March

The contractors are back on site and demolision has re-started.

February 2016

27th February

The cherry picker and ecologist were available earlier than expected so were on site Wednesday and Thursday.  No bats were found.

We are awaiting confirmation from the demolition contractor regarding the restart although they have been on site completing stripping out of internal items.

We had the drone on Wednesday morning which showed, on initial appearance, that the flat lead roof at the front of the church looks sound (although we are awaiting the photos for studying).

The only bad news is that the asbestos in the tank room is the notifiable type after all.  We are waiting on two further quotes for the removal of asbestos and we need to give two weeks notice before commencing.

We are hoping that the demolition will continue now up to the part which houses the oil tank

19th February

We are continuing to deal with the knock on affect of finding a bat.

The cherry picker should be available from Monday 29th February.  This will allow a qualified ecologist can check under the ridge and roof tiles of the buildings to be demolished.  Any bats that are found will be moved to a new bat box on site.  Once this is complete we will be able to continue with the demolition.

We are hoping that the cost will be covered by the contingency built into the project and savings already achieved.

13th February

We are continuing to deal with the knock on affect of finding a bat.

We will be hiring a cherry picker so that a qualified ecologist can check under the ridge and roof tiles of the buildings to be demolished.  Any bats that are found will be moved to a new bat box on site.  Once this is complete we will be able to continue with the demolition.

We are hoping that the cost will be covered by the contingency costs already included in the project.

5th February

All the trees have now been removed.
Thankfully the asbestos in the ceiling of the old oil tank housing in part of the cellar is not reportable.
We are waiting for further guidance regarding the bat issue which we hope to get this week.

January 2016

31st January

A bat has been discovered on site so the demolition company have left until the situation has been resolved.
The inside of the main church building is now completely cleared.
Tree surgeons have started taking down the remaining trees to the southern boundary.
An asbestos specialist will be on site on Monday to advise on the removal of the asbestos found in the ceiling of the old oil tank housing in part of the cellar.
We have a site meeting on Wednesday including using a drone to inspect part of the roof behind the front parapet which is letting in water.

11th January - Work has started on site.

December 2015

A.P. Lewis and Sons Ltd have been appointed as our contractor.  Work is scheduled to start on 11th January 2016 and completion is due on 4th March 2016.

November 2015

A contractor will be appointed soon, as tenders have now been considered.  Notification of demolition will be made and, all being well, the demolition of the rear hall and rooms will begin in the second week of January 2016.  This will be followed by clearing out and making weather (and pigeon) proof the main church building.  This should all be completed by early March 2016.

Consideration is also being given to placing temporary accomodation on the site (subject to funds being available) to give us an early presence on site; as we develop our plans for the refurbishment of the church building.

September 2015

After many years of thoughts, dreams and plans, we have now reached an approved plan that allows for the demolition of the rear halls and the eradication of dry rot and damp at our Higham Ferrers site.

In the future we envisage the old church being refurbished for church and community use.

Updates to follow as things progress.

Redevelopment Pictures
Pictures 2014/15