Nuclear Ban Treaty

A Nuclear Ban Treaty is on the way!

The United Nations General Assembly has agreed to draw up a Nuclear Ban Treaty in 2017. Read our latest article (and the statement from Ireland’s Director of Disarmament and Non-Proliferation) here.  The last time that the General Assembly was moved to introduce a major nuclear weapons treaty was in 1996 when the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty was agreed. So this development, 20 years on, is hugely significant. 

The UK Government are among those lobbying hard against this treaty.  The UK’s obstructive stance has been the subject of dialogue and correspondence between Church leaders and UK Foreign Office ministers over the past few years.  The UK Government, along with four other nuclear armed states, would prefer that any such discussion be limited to the Conference on Disarmament which is so dysfunctional it has been unable even to agree its own agenda for meetings for the past 18 years.

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