Past Cases Review - First Anniversary

First anniversary of the
Past Cases Review


The start of June marked the first anniversary of the apology to survivors and victims of abuse, and the publication of Courage, Cost & Hope- the report on the Past Cases Review (PCR),


There is an update on the progress made so far including work with a survivors’ reference group to ensure that all policies and guidelines or training materials would be informed by a survivor/victim perspective.

A pilot programme of structured supervision for ministers has begun in two districts to ensure that there is appropriate accountability and support in terms of safe practice. Lessons learnt from this will be brought to the 2017 Conference for the implementation of the supervision programme across the whole Connexion.


There is also a special prayer:


For those who are abused and those who abuse;

for those who are careless about others

and those who are careful;

for those who offer guidance through the dark and those

who endeavour to safeguard the vulnerable: good Lord, we pray.

Good Lord, give hope to the hurt

and a sense of your love and rightness.

May we all be led into safe and sound living.

Give us your strength for today, your hope for tomorrow

and the light of your love to guide us in all things.