Let's Stand Together

 Let's stand together as a global family

However you voted in the EU referendum, people all over the country share a sense of uncertainty now about our future – not only for the people of the United Kingdom, but also for our neighbours around the world, especially those whose homes and lives are under threat as a result of war, climate change and injustice. 

It is likely that the UK's future outside the European Union will have repercussions way beyond our shores. That's why Christian Aid believes it is now more important than ever that we stand together as a global family and work even harder to bring peace, justice and security to people living in poverty around the world. 

At Christian Aid, we believe that the people of the United Kingdom need to unite in a shared compassion for our global neighbours, to care for our common planet and to bring hope for a better future, free from poverty, for everyone. 

We echo Archbishop Justin Welby who said after the referendum result, 'We must now unite in a common task to build a generous and forward looking country, contributing to human flourishing around the world. We must remain hospitable and compassionate, builders of bridges and not barriers.' 

Now, more than ever, we need you to speak out about for the rights of refugees through our Change the Story campaign this summer, and to demand leadership on the urgent issue of climate change during the Speak Up! week of action in October. We need your help to continue fighting for tax justice.

Change the story                        Speak Up                                    Tax Justice


With the new Prime Minister, Theresa May, in place, we must put issues of justice for our global neighbours firmly on her agenda and that of her cabinet. As we work together to shape the values we will be known by as a nation, we're committed to sharing with you how your generous giving and campaign actions are transforming the lives of people in need around the world. 

We believe that, working with you and our church partners, we can help people across the United Kingdom develop a new vision of the role that the country should play in the wider world and the values that should shape and guide our relationships with others. Working across the world, we want to bring people of the UK and elsewhere together in stronger and even more effective global partnerships.